Saturday, June 27, 2009


I read this on Cottondale Community Church's blog. Lord, help us remember we all need Jesus.
Michael Jackson's Death

C Todd Robbins made some extremely astute comments, today, that I thought were worth posting here on this site. He wrote,
Tonight I was watching all the thousands gathering at the UCLA Medical Center, and all the channels relaying the events of Michael Jackson's death. They recounted his fame, his great talents, his perceived impact on the world. I heard all the comments by so many famous people of how he had affected their lives and how his death had shaken them. They showed of all the riches he had gone through, and even his rental house that he was paying $100,000.00 a month for. I saw people gathering in Times Square crying, and all around the world people being affected by his death.
Truly, I can appreciate the sadness. And during this time, one camera from a helicopter caught the image of them taking his dead body from the LA County Sheriff's Department helicopter, wrapped in a white sheet from the hospital, and on a hospital gurney. He then was placed in the back of a white County Coroner's van....just like many others who were being taken for an autopsy. His riches, his fame, his talent, his history.... none of it separated him from his appointment that the writer of Hebrews talked about. While everyone was focusing on his life, that image burned in me... this man was already in eternity, and nothing they thought was so wonderful really mattered.... it was the condition of his soul.
Death is real, and eternity is real. I wouldn't even begin to say where He is right now, but that white sheet, and that gurney reminded me.... It is appointed for man, once to die...and then the judgement. God help us remember the big picture when we deal with people, every single day. To see them as a soul, no matter who they are, because one day that body will just be wrapped up in a sheet on a Gurny. Help us to see past all their abilities, issues, weirdness, or skill...and realize, everyone needs Jesus...and we are supposed to be His body in this world.

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