Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pastor Appreciation

(L to R) Sis. Dona presenting Pastor Joey with gifts of appreciation

Our Shepherd
The Lord gave us a shepherd, We're no longer in want.
He helps us find God's green pastures,
He leads us along still waters, And he is used by God to restore our souls.
He guides us by straight pathways, Bringing honor to God's name.
When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
We are not afraid because he walks with us.
His teaching and correction comfort and strengthen us.
He helps us stand strong in the face of evil.
He is the oil of healing and health in our souls.
Through him God has overflowed our lives with blessing.
Goodness and mercy are sure to follow us all our days,
And we are secure in eternal life, Because the Lord gave us a shepherd.

(Adapted from Psalm 23 by Daniel Sherman)
(L to R) Misty Echols - Children's Ministries, Jason & Laura Cobb - Youth Pastors, Becky Mojica - Ladies / Family Ministries, Doug Tyler - Licensed Minister, Randy Jones - Student Ministries / College & Career Pastor

Pastor Appreciation is a vital part of a church's successful ministry. Any time is the right time for us to show our appreciation to our pastor in a card or with a word of thanks. Simple things mean as much or more than expensive expressions . . . though I don't think our pastor would argue if you blessed him with a gift certificate, etc!

Also, take take to share a special measure of appreciation to our Pastor's wife, Sis. Lisa. Gifts, cards, flowers, etc. are a few ways for us to shower Sis. Lisa on a Sunday morning.
Don't forget that Prayer is the greatest blessing. Let's not forget to PRAY for our Pastor and his family.

We are truly blessed with a Pastor and pastor's wife that go above and beyond the call. Take time to let them know how much you love and appreciate them.

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