Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking ahead . . .

With 2010 behind us and 2011 ahead, we want to encourage you as you look toward this year and exhort you to think strategically about 2011.

Let’s begin by remembering that our God is sovereign, awesome and limitless! 2010 has been a difficult economic year for many of us. Further, there remain many unknowns as we attempt to peer into 2011. This is always true, as even life itself is uncertain, but our God doesn’t change and He isn’t surprised or limited by economic circumstances. He knew precisely that things would be as they are when He chose to call us in our current places, roles, and at this very time, as His Ambassadors! Remember . . . He will always provide all we need to do all He wants, so be of good cheer! Press on! If you’re in Christ, you’re in good hands!

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